MOBILE VACUUM PUMP UNITS For evacuation of air or nitrogen


Nominal suction capacity 165 m/³ vacuum pump 
Nominal suction capacity 250 m³/h Roots pump

Nominal suction capacity 205 m/³ vacuum pump
Nominal suction capacity 495 m³/h Roots pump

This series is very powerful and allows quick evacuation of large gas compartments. A vacuum pump combined with a Roots pump enables to obtain a final vacuum of 2x 10-2 mbar. Thus not only air but also moisture is removed from the circuit breakers. Therefore the subsequent filling process is prepared perfectly.

Three coupling connections (DN20 and 2x DN40) allow the evacuation of two gas compartments at the same time without any manifold that means more efficiency and higher productivity during operation.

Other features:

  • Steerable and fixing rollers allow comfortable transportation
  • Tool box for hoses and accessories
  • Self-closing couplings
  • Protection of the vacuum pump against overpressure by a solenoid valve
  • Different hose lengths are available as option
  • Digital vacuum indication in mbar