VPD – Vapour Phase Drying Plants

VPD plant with JET evaporator


CEE DEE VACCUM which has technical collaboration with MICAVAC, manufactures VPDs and also offers upgradation of old VPDs. This enhances the efficiency and reduces the cycle time of production (drying time).

Research, development, production and in-house testing of Vacuum Vapour Phase Drying Plants and Technology is one of Micavac’s core businesses.

CEEDEE VACUUM offers ‘Micavac patented JET Evaporator System’, used in new plants or as an upgrade of existing plants. The system makes use of aerospace technology to shorten heating-up times by optimising heat transfer of solvent/kerosene-vapour. Additionally, putting minimal stress on cellulose insulation by distributing heat evenly, results in minimised depolymerisation.

Further,CEE DEE-Micavac can also provide new features, equipment and software for vapour phase transformer drying, that define state of the art for professional power transformer manufacturer and maintainer.

Manufacture of components and modules.

CEE DEE-Micavac’s modular design allows fast transport and installation. This in turn helps end users to benefit from the investment immedietly.

The picture shows two VPD plants split in 4 modules with a heating capacity of 200 kW, pretested at Micavac in Germany and similary VPD modules manf. Pre-tested in CEE DEE vacuum India shop floor and ready to be connected to the autoclave.

Pilot prototype vapour phase plant at Micavac Lauchringen.

Picture: Quality assurance of process influence on transformer board.

Note: CEE DEE VACUUM-Micavac’s products also include instruments for determination of the end of a drying process, with respect to the achievement of the desired results.

Salient Features:

  • JET Evaporator and Recuperator (patented)

  • APRS: Advanced Pressure Reduction System

  • SODS: Smart Oil Draining System

  • SWER: (HVPM Patented)

  • Advanced Measurement for specific water extraction rate and moisture content in insulation