Teleflex SX



  • ARMslide technology with 15 traces in one ARM shot
  • ProRange for optimised display of distant details
  • Support of all existing prelocation technologies
  • Automatic adjustment and display of cable end and fault
  • Compatible with all fault location systems

With the Teleflex SX the excellent properties of the successful Teleflex VX were transferred into a smaller, handy and portable design. The Teleflex SX is operated by the new touchscreen and the well proven control knob functionality. The interface is shown on a sharp and very bright 10.4” display.

The Teleflex SX is specially adapted to the fast events during fault location in power cables. The easyGO operation is reduced to the important and essential steps and operates almost automatically.

The Teleflex SX measuring hardware and display are separated, and communicate via Ethernet. This allows easy integration into a fault location system.