Wide Bandwidth. Wide Spectrum 6ch Power Meter for Comprehensive Device Assessment


Hioki benchtop power meters and power analyzers are best in class power measuring instruments for measuring single to three-phase lines with a high degree of precision and accuracy. The 3193-10 is a 6-channel power meter for testing any type of circuit ranging from single-phase lines to three-phase four-wire lines. Based on the voltage, current, and active power measurements, the power meter calculates and displays reactive power, apparent power, power factor, phase angle, and efficiency. It also provides a wide range of measurement functions including frequency measurement function, peak measurement function, current integration, active power integration, analog outputs, monitor outputs.

Key Features
• A rich assortment of measurement functions including voltage, current, power, waveform peak value and efficiency
• High-precision with basic accuracy of ±0.1%, high-speed response of 0.1 s
• Measure up to six circuits simultaneously
• Select from 3 types of input units
• Measure the input and output of a 3-phase inverter using all 6 channels