Oil Storage Tank


There is a temporary storage requirement at site where the parent equipment is under commissioning or repair.

To cater this need CEE DEE VACUUM provides a solution with supplying oil storage tanks. There are different types of these tanks.

The tank and capacity can be designed to suit the application and are available in the following categories:

  • Mobile (Capacity range 1KL – 35KL)

  • Stationary (Capacity range 1KL – 100KL)

  • With Insulation

  • Without Insulation

        Oil handling system

CEE DEE VACUUM designs and installed a state of art oil handling system which are required during processing/testing of various equipment. These are for transformer oil, lube oil, hydraulic oil etc. the system consists of :

  • Storage tanks having capacities as required.

  • Purification plant

  • Oil transfer pumps

  • Oil pipeline to various stations within the plant raised from 2km to 10km. The systems are fully automatic with PLC, SCADA systems which enable to operate for a single person from single point.

CEE DEE VACUUM is proved to supply one of the India’s largest fully automatic oil handling system.