MWA300 and MWA330A



  • Combines TTR and resistance testing in one box – faster, more efficient testing
  •   55% smaller, 40% lighter than individual instruments
  •   Only one set of leads required – lighter, smaller and less expensive
  •   One test form – easier, faster to complete
  •   Built-in demagnetisation

The Megger MWA300 and 330A Transformer Winding Analysers are here to offer you a faster, more efficient testing device through combining TTR and resistance testing in a single unit.

This advanced 3-phase transformer test system provides complete ratio, phase and winding resistance measurements with only one 3-phase lead-set connection. What’s more, it offers portability, a reduced set-up time and increased job safety.

Once connected, the MWA300 performs DC resistance measurements on all high- and low-side windings without reconnection. It has an 8-terminal/6-winding resistance measurement capability and doesn’t need any inter-connected boxes, allowing you to test all 6 windings without having to disconnect and reconnect leads.

The MWA300 series saves you even more time by using a single software platform, PowerDB, which means you only need one set-up and one easy-to-use test form.

The MWA300 series can be used effectively test power transformers, distribution transformers, CTs and VTs, and motors and generators.

The following tests are easily performed with a single instrument, the MWA300 series, and a single 3-phase lead set connection:

  •   3-phase turns ratio
  •   3-phase winding resistance
  •   OLTC continuity (make-before-break)
  •   3 phase core demagnetization
  •   Magnetic balance / flux distribution
  •   Excitation current
  •   Polarity and phase angle deviation
  •   Auto vector detection
  •   Heat-run test

The MWA330A comes equipped with a built-in computer that has a 305 mm (12 in) colour display and touch-screen interface. The computer is designed to control the unit and it can store up to 100, 000 data sets.