General-Purpose LCR Meters with Measurement Frequency from DC, 4Hz to 8MHz


Hioki LCR Meters and Impedance Analyzers range from 1mHz to 3GHz devices to suit a wide range of applications in the testing of electronic components. The IM3536 raises the industry standard for general-purpose LCR meters by offering a wide DC and 4Hz to 8MHz testing frequency while delivering 0.05% accuracy, ideal for evaluating the characteristics of next generation electronic components, including power supply inductors thanks to the instrument’s maximum measurement frequency of 8MHz.

Key Features
• DC, 4Hz to 8MHz measurement frequency
• High-speed measurement of 1ms (fastest time)
• High-precision measurement of ±0.05% rdg. (representative value)
• Guaranteed accuracy range from 1 mΩ, low-impedance measurement with unmatched repeatability
• DC bias function: Measure under conditions simulating actual use or in accordance with industry standards
• Exceptional specifications and cost-performance for a wide range of applications, from R&D to production lines