GAS TIGHT CUTTING DEVICE For recovery of SF6 gas from firmly welded metallic gas compartments "sealed for life"


Gas tight cutting device

Gas tight cutting device with stud welding machine

This cutting device allows reliable recovery of SF6 gas in case gas compartments – sealed for life – are to be shut down and the circuit breaker has to be disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner. Thus SF6 gas is prevented from escaping into the atmosphere.

In practice, the recovery device is to be mounted on the housing of the circuit breaker to be disposed of and is drilled then. After that it is possible to recover the SF6 gas contained in the circuit breaker by means of an appropriate service cart. The recovery device is equipped with a DN20 coupling so that the service cart can be connected easily. The large cross-section enables quick recovery of the SF6 gas. An integrated sinter filter prevents solid particles from entering the service cart during the recovery process.

The recovery device is a useful tool particularly for companies specialized in the disposal of GIS plants.

Other features:

  • Self-closing DILO coupling DN20 with integrated sinter filter
  • Operation of the hard metal cutter with accumulator or hand drill
  • Storage in a robust case