MOBILE VACUUM PUMP UNITS For evacuation of air or nitrogen


Mobile vacuum pump unit with solenoid valve instead of ball valve

This version is equipped with a solenoid valve instead of a ball valve. Therefore, operating errors are avoided since the valve is closed automatically in case of function end or interruption of circuit.

The mobile vacuum pump unit is convincing by its easy handling. The unit serves for evacuation of air or nitrogen from switchgear. The 40 m³/h vacuum pump enables a final vacuum of < 1 mbar. Thus it is guaranteed that no air / gas mixture is generated and the good insulation properties of SF6 are retained.

Other features:

  • Steerable and fixing rollers allow comfortable transportation
  • Use of self-closing couplings DN20
  • Different performances are available (see options)
  • Adapters for other nominal widths are available
  • Protection of the vacuum pump against overpressure by a solenoid valve
  • Digital vacuum indication in mbar