Output the signal the recorder measured, which is ideal for abnormality simulation test


The Arbitrary Waveform Generator Unit U8793 is a plug-and-play module for the Hioki Memory HiCorder to create a function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, and waveform measurement in a single device. Easily observe waveforms while varying test conditions, such as changing the signal’s amplitude and frequency as well as programming various waveforms to output in order.

Key Features
• Output arbitrary waveform signals up to 2 channels
• Output problematic waveforms recorded with the Memory Hicorder up to 15 V
• Output customized arbitrary waveforms signals up to 15 V
• For use with Hioki Memory Hicorder series (cannot use with 8847 or MR8847)
• Built-in function generator and sweep function
• Isolated between unit and output, and between all channels