For measuring devices Z340R42


The practical adapter kit includes self-closing connecting couplings for all DILO measuring devices. This ensures that no SF6is released into the atmosphere during coupling and uncoupling. A pressure reducer with metal membrane for verification of the gas quality in cylinders and containers is included as well.

Standard equipment:

  • Pressure reducer for SF6
  • Hose connection DN6 (3-389-R018 P + 3-408-R001)
  • Hose connection DN12 (3-389-R009 P + 3-888-R001)
  • Hose connection DN7 (3-389-R008 P + 3-308-R002)
  • Hose connection DN12 (3-389-R009 P + 3-307-R002)
  • ASEA adapter – miniature quick coupling
  • 1″ connection for gas cylinder (reuse gas)