Active Harmonic Filters

Power Quality Solutions


P2 Power Active Harmonic Filters are based on Static Compensator (StatCom) philosophy which uses an IGBT based inverter to generate compensating current of any shape or size. P2 Power Active Power Filters can do a lot more than just harmonic mitigation. APF solutions are used for harmonic mitigation, reactive power compensation, load balancing, and neutral correction. They can provide compensation on grid supply and are also fully compatible with DG operation.

The versatility of the technology makes this the only solution which can simultaneously correct all current related issues like reactive demand, harmonic distortions, high unbalance, and high neutral. P2 Power is at the forefront of indigenously developing Power Quality solutions. P2 Power Active Power Filters are installed across India and have proven their performance on the toughest of loads in the industry.

  • Fast 32 bit digital signal processor
  • Synchronous Rotating Frame Principal for best performance
  • Ultra fast compensation
  • Proven performance on welding
  • Harmonic Attenuation of more than 96%
  • Selective Harmonic compensation
  • Leading/Lagging Reactive Power Compensation
  • Negative Sequence Compensation (load balancing)
  • Zero Sequence Compensation (neutral compensation)
  • 15 possible Priority Selection settings for maximum flexibility
  • Smart auto fold-back to avoid over loading of filter
  • 7″ touch screen display
  • Ethernet based remote monitoring
  • Internal CAN Communication
  • Closed Loop & Open Loop operation
  • Paralleling of upto 32 filters for higher capacity
  • Operator Activity Log
  • >1,00,000 time stamped events can be logged in internal NAND memory